About Stella
兴昂国际为休闲和时尚鞋履品牌客户提供集设计、开发及制造为一体的一站式服务。我们的客户主要包括六位世界排名前十的休闲鞋品牌,即:Clarks, Deckers, ECCO, Rockport, Timberland and Wolverine,同时也包括Cole Haan, Guess, Jones Group, Kenneth Cole and Michael Kors等在内的众多世界知名高级品牌。与此同时,以“STELLA LUNA” WHAT FOR〞“JK JY”为代表的公司自主高端品牌已成功打入市场。
In 1982, Stella was established in Taiwan and has expanded to China mainland since 1991. Stella was listed on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited in 2007. Now, Stella has set up its branches in many countries and areas, including American, Indonesia, Vietnam, Bengal and Hong Kong, etc. Now Stella operates 62 global manufacturing sites in global with more than 6,4000 employees. Stella has become the leader of lady shoes and casual shoes manufacturers, and was consistently praised as one of the biggest and first rank-highest quality shoes manufacturers.
Stella offers a one-stop shop for the manufacture of casual and fashion footwear for our brand customers, which combines the elements of design, development and manufacturing. Our client mainly includes six of the world’s top ten casual footwear companies, namely, Clarks, Deckers, ECCO, Rockport, Timberland and Wolverine, as well as leading companies in fashion footwear, such as Cole Haan, Guess, Jones Group, Kenneth Cole and Michael Kors. At the same time, we have also successfully expanded into the market through our own brands, such as Stella Luna, What For, JKJY.
Our business philosophy is to achieve our goals by serving our customers. We keep to the principle of equality, care and respect; We are committed to providing diversified and high-quality footwear to our customers. We promise to provide customers with the best products and services by putting our customer first and devoting great enthusiasm to our business.
As an employee of Stella, you can enjoy these benefits as below:
1. 按照国家规定享有法定公众假期、婚假、丧假、产假、陪产假、哺乳假、带薪年假等。
We comply with all statutory holidays such as marriage leave, bereavement leave, maternity leave, paternity leave and nursing leave, paid annual leave, etc.
2. 富有竞争力的薪酬及福利体系,公司为一揽子员工购买社保和住房公积金,员工还享有食宿补贴、年终奖金、绩效奖金、退休金、婚丧礼金、生育礼金。
Competitive payment and benefit system, we will provide eligible employees with social insurance and housing fund, our employees also enjoy food and housing allowance, year-end bonus, performance bonus, pension, wedding gifts, birth gifts and funeral allowance, etc.
3. 完善的工作及生活配套服务,公司食堂、宿舍、图书馆、生活超市、卫生室、文娱活动室、体育公园等配套齐全。
We provide decent working environment and perfect living facilities, such as canteen, dormitory, reading room, welfare shopping market, medical room, recreation room and sport park.
4. 出国交流学习机会,公司员工将有机会到国内外各事业分部交流学习。
Employees of Stella will have the opportunity to study abroad and exchange experience with other business division.
5. 丰富的企业文化活动:员工生日会、内部社团活动、节假日文艺汇演、运动会、英语培训等。
Various fun activities such as: birthday party, club activities, art shows, sport events and English trainings, etc.
6. 公司注重员工培养,有完善的职业生涯发展通道和内部晋升机制 。
We pay attention to employees’ career development and provide competitive career development channel and internal promotion system.
联系人: Stella HR
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